If you want to display a popup on your Cratejoy website when a subscriber goes to cancel their subscription, Picreel offers as simple solution, and many pre-designed popups to choose from.

1. Install Picreel

To install Picreel, navigate to the App Store in your Merchant Portal and click "Install". This will automatically apply the necessary code to your published design, and you do not need to do any work in the code editor.

2. Create a campaign

Sign up for an account with Picreel. In the admin panel, click "Create Your Campaign":

3. Choose and edit your popup design

Here you can select the type of popup you want to display and customize it to suit your store's design.

Choose a design that is relevant to the cancellation process. A good option for this would be an e-mail collection popup offering an incentive on a subscriber's next renewal. You'll be able to reach out to subscribers via the e-mail address entered and add a coupon to their subscription through the Merchant Portal for the next renewal.

4. Target the cancellation URL

Enter the URL of your Cratejoy website, the URL of the cancel subscription page, and target the survey box. This will configure your popup so it displays when visitors mouse over the survey options.

Add basic URL settings:

Within "Trigger options" → "On click", add CSS selector:

5. Test it!

Make sure your offer popup is working by logging into the Customer Account page, click "Edit", and "Cancel subscription". After mousing over the survey, you should see your new offer popup!