Cratejoy provides a way to completely customize the email notifications sent to customers. This is accomplished by creating HTML emails.

What are HTML emails?

HTML email is the use of a subset of HTML to provide formatting capabilities in email that are not available with plain text.

Why would I want this?

They're pretty!

If you'd like email notifications (order confirmations, shipment notices, etc) to be consistent with the design of your store, this could be the ticket!

Great! I'll get started editing immediately!

Wait! HTML emails/notifications are extremely complex and involved. The process to manually create/code them is beyond archaic, brushing aside most web standards introduced in the past decade or two.

Add in the smorgasbord of different platforms these emails are viewed on -- Android, iOS, numerous standalone email clients (Outlook,, Thunderbird, etc), web clients -- and the varying versions between them, you have a convoluted backend of hacks, pitfalls, and general messiness when making them responsive. Or making them at all!

Because of this, it's near impossible for us to provide direct guidance in creating these emails. Fortunately, some brave souls have tackled this task and built some great resources to aid in coding your own custom email notifications.

Please see the following resources to guide you:

Responsive emails that really work

Responsive Email Design

I can do this, but where do I insert my code?

Go to Notification Settings

From the merchant portal, choose Settings from the navigation menu, and Notifications from the dropdown menu.

Choose the Notification to Customize

Find the section for Customer Emails or Admin Notifications (whichever one you would like to customize) and then click on the name of the notification, which will be shown in blue text. In the example, I am making changes to the Welcome Email.

Customize the Notification as Desired

After clicking the blue text, the Notification Editor will pop up. You can make changes to the template by typing directly into the editor. All changes should be made in BOTH the HTML and Text templates. You can view the two templates by using the HTML Preview and Text Preview tabs. The version that is on display on top is the version that you are editing at the bottom.

The default email includes template strings (For example, {{ }} which corresponds to your store name) that you can use when customizing your notifications.

Save Your Changes

Don't forget to press the Save button.

Help Me!

If coding your own HTML emails proves too daunting, there's luckily some magical programs that do all of the work for you! While we cannot personally endorse any one HTML email editor, the following links will outline some of the most popular:

35 Best Responsive HTML Email Templates

Litmus Builder

Bee Free Builder

Campaign Monitor Builder