This article covers how to change a customer's address on your Storefront.

1. Access the Log In Page:

The customer will navigate to the log in page for your site (which can typically be found on the main landing page for your store, or at https://{storename}

Here, they will enter the email address and password associated with their account, and press the Log In button.

2. Go to the Address Manager:

Once they have logged in, they will be provided with a list of their addresses and a link to the address manager:

3. Choose which address you want to edit

4. Update the address by typing directly into the text entry fields to address fields. Press the Save button at the bottom to save.

When you update an address, all subscriptions and unshipped shipments associated with that address will be affected. If you want to switch which address a subscription will use, click the link for that subscription below its current address, or click "Edit" on the subscription list. From there, you will be provided a list of addresses to choose from: