This article will walk you through on how to customize international shipping rates, if you're going to support international customers, and how to restrict them if you are not going to support international customers. 

Shipping rates are important, you'll need to determine if you are going to support international customers and if so, what shipping rate you are going to charge. Cratejoy allows you to specify rate(s) for specific countries as well as restrict shipping for those you do not wish to ship to.

All Cratejoy sellers will start off with a flat rate "Rest of World" rule that is set at $25.00 for all orders that weigh 0 lbs and up. "Rest of World" is defined as any address that is not in the same country as your Shipping Address (specified on the Settings > Shipping page) and does not have a specific rule created for that country already.

How International Shipping Rules Interact with Product Shipping Rules

International shipping rules will always take priority over product-level shipping rules. So if you have shipping set on your product for $5 as a flat rate, but an international rule that specifies that all shipments to Canada will be $20, then the shipping price will always be $20 for a Canadian purchase for that product. You can read more about product-level shipping rules here.

Step One: Go to Shipping Settings

From the merchant portal, choose Platform Settings from the navigation menu, and Shipping from the dropdown menu.

Step Two: Choose a Country

Find the section for Rate Rules, and press the Add a Country button.

Type the country you are going to set shipping rates for into the entry field, then press the green +Add button. If you want all countries except yours to have the same shipping rates, you can type Rest of World into the entry field. 


Step Three: Set Shipping Rates

Back in the Rate Rules section of the page, press the blue Add Shipping Rule button next to the country you just added.

A dialog box will appear, and you have the ability to choose:

  • New Rule Name: A descriptive name for this rate (i.e. Canada, $0.00 and up). This name is just for your own use--it won't change how the rule is applied and customers will not see this name.
  • Rule-Based On: The rate can be based on either the order price, weight, or choose to "Restrict this Country" 
    • note Restricting the country will remove this as an option on the checkout page.

  • Minimum/Maximum: If you've selected a rate based on price, you will need to set a minimum order price and a maximum (or leave blank to use "And up"). If you've selected a rate based on weight, you will need to set a minimum and maximum weight. In either case, the minimum must be greater than zero.
  • Shipping Price: This is the price that your customers will pay if they meet the requirements of the rule.

Once you have made your selections, press the green +Add button to save your rule.

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Modified by Mariah on 06/09/2022