1. Go to Cratejoy.com and log in with your current email address.
2. Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right. From the drop-down menu select Orders.
3. You will see your orders are sorted into
 several tabs: Active Subscriptions, One Time Purchases, Cancelled Subscriptions, and Gifts Given.

4. At the top of the order, you will see the Payment Method reflected with the last 4 digits of that card. The card listed here will be the card that will be charged for your upcoming renewal.
5. If you are looking for details about previous transactions related to the same Subscription, click on the bottom of the order Subscription History.
6. The previous Orders related to that Subscription will be visible, click on any Order # to view the Order Receipt.
7. The Order Receipt will reflect the payment method and transaction amount for that transaction.

Need to update the payment method associated with future renewals of your Subscription? See this article: Changing the Payment Method associated with Your Subscription

Updated by Dre 10/28/21