Cratejoy provides merchants with a platform to help them create, manage and grow their subscription box businesses. When you purchase a subscription from a Cratejoy merchant, you are buying from a unique business - not Cratejoy itself.

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Cratejoy is not directly involved in accepting and fulfilling transactions between subscribers and merchants. We encourage you to communicate directly with merchants.

Before You Place an Order

Here are some examples of questions your merchant can help you with:

  • Product inquiries (Are the dog treats gluten-free?)
  • Shipping information (Do you ship to Singapore?)
  • Processing times (Can I get this in time for my partner's birthday?)
  • Merchant policies (Can I return this if it doesn’t fit?)

To send a message to a merchant, most merchants have contact information in the footer of their website. Email or reach out to them through the methods (e.g. social media) they have provided on their website. Please be considerate and do not spam merchants with questions not related to a potential future purchase.

If You've Already Placed an Order With a Merchant

Here are some examples of questions your merchant can help you with:

  • Status of your order (When will my box ship? What is the tracking number?)
  • Further questions about your subscription (Can I skip the next month because I'll be on vacation?)
  • Issues with your items (My socks were both for the left foot!)
  • Post-purchase policy questions (Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?)

Most merchants have their contact information listed in the email notifications that get sent after you place an order. Use the contact information you find in your notifications from the merchant to ask them questions after you've placed an order with them.

If you can access it, you should be able to cancel your subscription yourself from your account page on the merchant's website/store.

If you've tried contacting your merchant multiple times about your order and are unable to reach them, please contact Cratejoy Support and we'll see if we can try to help. Cratejoy is not responsible for any merchant. We can attempt to help on your behalf but there are no guarantees.

If you are seeking a refund and the merchant is still unresponsive after multiple attempts by yourself and Cratejoy to reach them then there are steps you can take to receive a refund. If you will contact your bank and issue a "chargeback" by letting them know you never received the product, they will normally be able to put the funds back in your account. Chargebacks are the last resort, not the first action to take when seeking a refund. Chargebacks shouldn’t be used frivolously, as the ramifications for the merchant are quite severe.