This option is best suited for merchants who want to connect their existing e-comm store to Cratejoy’s subscription checkout tools. As well as for merchants that want to create their front-end website using another platform (WordPress, Wix Squarespace, etc.) and simply use Cratejoy for the checkout process and backend management system.

You can see how this looks for your customers here.

This guide assumes merchants already have a custom domain currently pointing to a third party website and will assist them in pointing a subdomain at Cratejoy for hosting checkout purposes.

1. Create a Cratejoy Store

The first thing that you will want to do is install a theme from the Cratejoy Design Store.

WARNING: This action is not available on the Swift, Prelaunch or Rapido themes. You can install any new theme by navigating to the Cratejoy Design Store on your Cratejoy account.

Once you've installed your theme, you will want to customize it so that the Cratejoy theme matches your current e-commerce's website.

2. Set up a Subscription Product

You will want to set up the subscription products that you want available to your customers. We have an article on how to add a subscription product here.

3. Connect a subdomain to your Cratejoy account

Your subdomain will be a custom domain that you will have to connect to Cratejoy.

There are two steps that you’ll need to perform on the site you used to purchase your subdomain:

  1. Set the CNAME value to be whatever you want the subdomain to be during checkout (for example,
  2. This replaces the step of adding a CNAME with the value "www" during our typical domain setup
Instructions for specific Domain Registrars:

4. Setting Up Your Subdomain in Cratejoy

Once you've set up your DNS records accordingly, you will want to place your custom domain in your merchant portal here. Be sure to enter your subdomain without www or you may see an error message. This will be the subdomain that subscription checkout is hosted at.


5. Direct your customers to your hosted checkout

The last step to integrate your subscription products into your existing site is to get the unique URLs that will add your subscription product to your hosted checkout.

There will be a unique URL for every combination of product, term, and variant that your subscription product has. These links are what is clicked at the very last step on your existing e-commerce site before taking the customer to the Cratejoy checkout with the correct subscription product, term, and variants.

The easiest way to get the correct URLs to add products to your cart is to install a theme on the Design Tab of your account. By doing this you will get access to a subscribe page that you can use to copy these URLs: (where is replaced by what you entered in step 4)

Below is an animation showing how you can use the subscribe flow to generate these URLs:


In the animation, we go through the entire subscription flow up until the very last step before you are taken to the cart. On that step, you just need to right-click on the last selection option and click "Copy Link Address".

That will be the URL to add that product and option combination to your cart. You can embed this URL into a picture or button on your existing e-commerce site.

You will need to repeat this process for every combination of product/term/and variant in order to have the correct URL for each possible configuration.

6. Now you're all set!

When your customers sign up you should be able to easily manage billing, shipping, subscriptions, etc... all within the Cratejoy platform.