Please note, to ensure both your Cratejoy and payment processor transaction fees are properly refunded, you must issue the refund within your Cratejoy Merchant Portal. 

It's possible to refund your customers right within your Cratejoy Merchant Portal. Issuing a refund will also refund the associated transaction fees at a pro-rated rate. If you fully refund an order, 100% of the fees are refunded from Cratejoy. However, your payment processor will not refund fees (e.g. Stripe), so you will take a loss due to issuing a refund.

Refunds can take a few days to show up in the customer's bank account. The speed of this process is controlled by the payment processor (e.g. Stripe) and the customer's bank. If the funds don't show up within a few days, you should contact your payment processor (e.g. Stripe) or have the customer contact their bank and see how far along the process is and what the estimated timeline for completion is.

Find the Customer you need to refund

Either scroll through the list of customers on your Customers page or use Search to find the customer you need. You can search by the customer's name or partial name to locate the customer.

Once you have found the customer you're looking for, click on the customer and it will open the customer details.

Locate the Subscription you want to refund

Select the specific subscription you would like to process a refund for

Select the specific Subscription Order you would like to refund

Confirm Your Actions

A dialog box will open that has additional options that can be handled at the time of the refund. You can choose:

  • To record a Reason for Refund, which will be stored on the order for future reference and pulled into your Cancellation Analytics dashboard
  • The refund amount
  • To Notify the Customer, which will send a notification email to the customer letting them know their order has been cancelled
  • To Cancel All Shipments, which will cause all shipments in the panel to be cancelled (this prevents you from shipping to the customer again)

  • To Cancel the subscription, which will cause the subscription to not renew.

Then press the blue Confirm Refund button to save your options and process the refund.

The page will reload, and you will see a Refunded Payment line on the order details. This will serve as confirmation that the order has been refunded.