Automatically adding subscribers to an email list is a Storefront feature only. This feature is not available on the Cratejoy Marketplace. 

Information exported from Cratejoy to MailChimp

Merge fields

  • EMAIL - Email address (e.g. [email protected]) - Your customer's most recent email address.
  • FNAME - First Name (e.g. Jane) - Your customer's first name.
  • LNAME - Last Name (e.g. Doe) - Your customer's last name.
  • SUB_STATUS - Subscription Status (e.g. Active) - Possible values are Active, Past Due, Expired, Cancelled, or None.
  • CANCELDATE - Cancellation Date (e.g. 2017-03-15) - If this customer has cancelled a subscription in the past, you'll see the most recent date on which the customer cancelled a subscription. If your customer has never cancelled a subscription, the field will be left empty
  • CUST_ADDR - Customer Address (e.g. 720 Brazos St. Austin TX 78701 USA) - The most recent default address associated with this customer.
  • REVENUE - Customer Total Revenue (e.g. 89.3) - Revenue amount (without currency code) that takes into account all orders, discounts, and refunds associated with this customer.
  • ACCEPT_MAR - Accepts Marketing (e.g. False) - Will tell you if the customer has opted in to accepting marketing communications
  • GIFT_ONLY - Gift Only (e.g. False) - Will tell you if this customer has only ever made gift purchases from your store.
  • GIFT_SNDR - Gift Sender (e.g. False) - Will tell you if the customer has purchase a gift subscription. 
  • GIFT_RCPNT - Gift Recipient (e.g. False) - Will tell you if the customer has received a gift subscription.

Note: MailChimp limits an audience to 30 fields per contact, or 80 for premium accounts. EMAIL, FNAME, and LNAME are default MailChimp fields. You will need 8 additional free fields available for Cratejoy's custom merge fields. 

For more information, please see MailChimp's support documentation. 


What if I have a customer with multiple subscriptions? What subscription status will I see in MailChimp?
We check all subscriptions for a given customer in the following order:

  1. If the subscriber has at least one active subscription on your store, we’ll set the subscriber’s status as Active.
  2. If the subscriber has no active subscriptions, and at least one past due subscription on your store, we’ll set the subscriber’s status as Past Due.
  3. If the subscriber has no active or past due subscriptions and at least one expired subscription on your store (meaning, one that has been terminated due to lack of successful payment upon renewal), we’ll set the subscriber’s status as Expired.
  4. If the subscriber has no active, past due, or expired subscriptions, and at least one cancelled subscription on your store, we’ll set the subscriber’s status as Cancelled.
  5. If the subscriber has never purchased a subscription before (e.g. was added by you, or has only made non-subscription purchases), we’ll set the status as None.

I just set up my MailChimp integration. Can I see what Cratejoy has sent over to MailChimp.
After you've clicked "Export Customers", you'll see a progress bar saying that the Cratejoy-MailChimp export is in progress. This means we're sending over the Cratejoy data from Cratejoy to MailChimp. Once the export is completed, that means we've sent over all the information. You can download the CSV version of the export to see what information we've sent over to MailChimp + any possible errors.

I want to get all this new customer address, revenue, and gift status data points into my MailChimp account for my existing customers! How do I do this?
You can trigger a fresh export of all the new fields by going to the MailChimp app in your Cratejoy interface, and clicking Export Customers on your current list. Note that this won't duplicate your list! It'll just add the new information to your existing subscribers. This requires no additional action on your part.

If someone unsubscribed from my mailing list, will this cause them to be re-added to my list?
No. If they unsubscribed previously they will not be automatically added again by our system at any point.

When I install the MailChimp app, will it automatically import my subscribers to my selected List?
After you select a new list or reinstall the MailChimp application inside Cratejoy, you will be asked if you wish to export your existing customers to the new list. It is your choice whether to immediately import them, or just add new customers.

If I import customers, will any of my existing data be lost or overwritten?
There will absolutely not be any lost data, but if there is any common data (first name, last name for example) on MailChimp which is out of date then the import will correctly set these fields to their current value in Cratejoy.

What if I'm already using the maximum number of extra variables (30, 80 if you have a premium account) allowed for my list?
In that case this new data will not be pulled across, but the MailChimp integration will still otherwise function normally. If you decide you do want the 'Cratejoy' variables then you should delete a few of your existing unused variables, then reinstall the MailChimp application, and then select that you wish to have your existing customers imported.

When can I expect to see this information exported to MailChimp?
For your first MailChimp export, it may take many minutes to completely export all your customers. Keep an eye on the status bar for live updates -- the bar will tell you once the export is finished. From there, you can even download the CSV record of what Cratejoy sent over the MailChimp in that export. For all subsequent MailChimp updates, you should see the information reflected within a few minutes. E.g. if a customer purchases a new subscription and updates their address at the same time, you should see the new subscription revenue and the new address reflected in MailChimp within a few minutes.

Example Use Cases

With this extra customer information, you can now create even more detailed segments for more targeted marketing and newsletter updates. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Set up drip campaigns to bring back former subscribers.Segment your customer list to include only Subscription Status = Expired or Cancelled subscription statuses. Optional: Segment your customer list even further to include Gift Only = True to send targeted "Give this subscription as a gift again!" messages.
  • Send newsletters exclusively to current subscribers who are receiving your box:Segment your customer list to include Subcription Status = Active and Gift Only = False
  • Send offers and discounts to your highest-value customers: Segment your customer list to include only your highest-value subscribers with Customer Revenue.
  • Having a meetup? Send out updates to nearby customers. Segment your customer list to include customers with Gift Only = False, Subscription Status = Active, and Customer Address near your meetup location to engage with nearby customers.