In addition to the notifications sent out on your behalf listed in the Notification Settings tab - there are a few additional notifications that are sent directly from Cratejoy to your subscribers. 
Those notifications sent directly from Cratejoy include:
  • Order Confirmation email
    • Informs your customer that they’ve successfully placed an order through your Cratejoy listing
  • Order Cancellation email 
    • Informs your customer that they’ve successfully cancelled an order through through their Cratejoy account
  • Gift Recipient Shipment email
    • Informs a gift recipient (the person for whom your customer purchased a gift) that they have a gift on their way. Includes a tracking number. 
  • Shipment Notice
    • Tells customers when their shipment is on its way
  • Post Delivery email
    • Once your subscriber receives their box, we send them an email asking them to write a review for your box. 
  • Sold-Out reminders
    • Email reminders sent to your customers after you turn Sold-Out mode on or off
  • Various marketing emails that your customer can opt-out of
Additionally - there are a number of emails sent from your storefront that you are able to customize within the seller dashboard. Those notifications appear in the Notification Settings tab.

Those notifications along with what they communicate can be found here: 
Order Receipt*Email sent to customers confirming their order
Shipment Notice* 
Tells customers when their shipment is on it’s way
Renewal Success
Receipt for customer on renewal
Renewal Failure
Notifies customer that their renewal has failed
Refunded Order
Notifies customer that they’ve been refund
Renewal Reminders
Renewal reminder sent 1-day before subscription renews
Cancelled Shipment
Tells customer that a shipment within their subscription has been cancelled
Subscription Change
Confirmation email that details how a customer changed their subscription.
Sender Gift Renewal Reminder
Renewal Reminder to gift sender 1 day before renewal

*these notifications are sent from a separate system and do not send a storefront notification. Therefore, you won't see these notifications in your notification log in your seller portal