There may be times when you need to stop accepting additional subscription orders to make sure you have capacity for fulfillment. You can enable sold out mode for your account by following the guide HERE.

If your store is listed on the Cratejoy Marketplace and you enable sold out mode, your Marketplace listing will update to gather emails from interested potential customers.

Enable Sold-Out Mode

From the merchant dashboard go to Settings -> General.

Toggle the Sold Out switch on or off.

What does sold out mode look like on a Marketplace listing?

If you have a listing on the Cratejoy Marketplace, your Marketplace listing will go into 'Sold Out' mode - redirecting your subscribers to your sold out page.

What happens when the "notify me when available" button is clicked?

Clicking the button brings up an email sign-up form directly on the listing page. Visitors can enter their email address that will receive a notification message from the Marketplace once the store leaves sold out mode. It can take up to 3 hours before the notifications are sent out.

What happens if I accidentally toggle sold out mode on/off?

Sold out mode notifications are not sent out if you flip the sold out mode toggle within 2 hours. This prevents notifications from going out if sold out mode is toggled accidentally or multiple times in a short span.

Do I have access to the list of people that sign up to be notified?

No. Cratejoy maintains that list of Marketplace customers' email addresses.

Can I edit or disable the notification message like other Merchant notifications?

No. This is a Marketplace notification, not one of the Merchant account notifications found under the Settings tab and then Notifications tab. It is sent from the Marketplace and not from a listing's specific Cratejoy store.

What does the email message actually look like?

Does the listing page change after someone signs up?

Yes, after someone signs up to be notified while they are logged in, the button text will update so that they don't accidentally try to sign up multiple times.

Can someone sign up for the notification if they don't have a Cratejoy account?

Yup! They would go through the same process as someone that is logged in.

What happens if a single email is signed up for the same listing notification more than once?

There are circumstances where customers could enter the same email multiple times, but they would only receive one notification per unique email address.

For example, if a customer signed up for a notification before logging into their account and then later logged in and also signed up, they would only receive one notification, assuming the email addresses were identical.