This article will walk you through the move shipment, move renewal date, and edit gift message tools within the merchant portal.

Move Shipment Tool

Go into the Shipments tab of your dashboard, then select the teal “Move a shipment” button (see below). This will allow you to move the order shipment for an individual customer, not a bulk batch, so if you want to change the shipments for a group you’ll need to do each one separately.

After that, you’ll just need to enter the date to which you’d like to move!

Move Renewal Date Tool

This is similar to the previous procedure in that it applies only to an individual customer’s subscription. If you want to change the renewal date for your subscriber base overall, it may be more efficient to duplicate your subscription product (with new renewal dates) and move your subscribers to the new product.

Once that date has passed, your customer will default to their original renewal date.

On the subscription page click action and then click Change Renewal Date.