This guide will walk you through on how to print USPS SCAN Forms from your Cratejoy Merchant Portal. 

USPS SCAN Forms (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, sometimes also called scan sheets or manifests) are sheets with master barcodes on them that allow USPS employees to scan just one form to activate tracking info for all shipments that are included in the SCAN Form. 

How to print a scan form from Cratejoy:

If you purchased labels for your shipments through Cratejoy, you can easily print out a SCAN form for any group of label purchases.

1. Navigate to Shipments Tab

On your shipments tab, click the Print Labels button. 

2. Navigate to the Completed Items tab.

3. Click “Create SCAN Form”, then "Download SCAN Form"

This will start a download for a zip file with a PDF or series of PDFs that you can then print out and take with you to the post office.

SCAN forms bundle shipments into groups of 100, so you will receive 1 form for every 100 shipments in your label purchase. E.g. if you purchase labels for 250 shipments and then print scan forms for them, you’ll receive 3 forms (1 for shipments 1-100, 1 for shipments 101-200, and 1 for shipments 201-250).