What Product Feedback is

Product Feedback is different from Marketplace Reviews. Product Feedback is for your internal use in determining user reaction to shipments.

Using Product Feedback allows you to request and review feedback for your shipments. The feedback is provided by your own customers and will be invaluable as it allows you to make adjustments to your product in future months, salvage relationships with dissatisfied customers before they cancel, and track the overall happiness of your customers over time.

What it looks like for your customers to submit feedback

The customer experience is very simple. They are asked two questions:

1. Please rate this product 1-5

2. What can we do to improve the product for you?

How to ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is a part of the shipping experience. Whenever you mark shipments as shipped you are presented with the option to submit a request for feedback.

How to change the default setting

This setting is found in Shipping Settings under the section heading of Product Feedback Options. This setting will control the default state which shows up when you elect to mark a shipment as shipped.

How to use the reports

The reports can be found under General Analytics.

Product Feedback Over Time will display your feedback responses grouped by the month in which you marked shipments as shipped. It is filterable by date range and by product.

Detailed Product Feedback will display the individual results and distribution of results. It is also filterable by date range and by product.

How to export the reports

Simply select the drop down in the top right corner and choose one of the displayed options.


How long should I wait before asking for feedback?

Our recommendation is seven days after you send out your shipments. This should allow ample time for delivery. You may change the default values for this or override the defaults at any time during shipping.

Do I have to use Product Feedback?

No, but you should! It's lightweight, easy to use, and provides impactful responses from your customers. If you decide that you do not want to use this feature then you may change your default preference in your shipping settings.

Does Product Feedback work with ShipStation?

Yes it does. To enable this you'll have to go into shipping settings. There you can enable the feature, and then set the number of days to wait before sending the request.

Does Product Feedback work if I have the option to "Auto Mark as Shipped" option enabled?

Yes it does! In this case you will see an identical section and prompt to send feedback, but it will simply be at the bottom of the label printing popup.

Can I edit the content of the notifications that my customer receives asking for feedback?

Yes! To do this simply navigate to "Settings" and then "Notifications". It can be found listed under the "Feedback Notifications" section.

I don't know if I requested to ask for feedback for a shipment I just sent, how can I see whether or not I have asked?

You can view this by clicking on "Analytics" and then "Notifications". By default the notification's subject is "What did you think about your latest shipment from us?". If the notification is marked as "Pending" that means it has not yet been sent.

I think I just accidentally requested feedback more than once for a shipment. Did I? Can I cancel it?

Don't worry - feedback can only be asked for once per shipment. If you attempt to ask a second time through any means the request will simply be ignored.

I accidentally submitted a request for feedback - Can I cancel it?

During our initial release there will not be a way to perform this action on your own. If you find yourself in this situation you can contact our support staff at Cratejoy Support.

I accidentally forgot to ask for feedback - How do I fix that?

During our initial release there will not be a way to perform this action.

How do I test the feedback notification?

Feedback notifications direct the subscriber to the feedback page in their specific customer account, while test e-mails use fake data. In order to test this, you'll need to use an actual customer account.