In this article, we'll cover a lot of the frequently asked questions about the referral program:

How much is the referral program?

The referral program is $99/month in addition to you Cratejoy platform fees

Is there a way for me to track the performance of my referral program?

Definitely! You can visit the Referral Analytics Dashboard (located under the Analytics tab)

Where are all the "Unknown" visits coming from?

 You might notice that on your Referral Analytics Dashboard, there seem to be a lot of visits from the "Unknown" category. Unknown visits occur (most of the time) when a customer gives their referral link to someone in a way we cannot track (not over email, twitter, or facebook). 

HOWEVER, web crawlers also drive up the amount of visits. When your customers post the link on facebook or twitter, web crawlers will attempt to visit to the link to gain more information about the page. We do our best to filter out as many of these web crawlers as we can but, often times, many will get through.

How do I test my referral program to make sure it works?

The easiest way to test the referral program is to use a test customer that you might have created for your store. For more information on creating a test customer with test data, check out this help article: Test Transactions

If you're out of test mode already, it's likely that you've made a customer to test your subscribe flow. If you login in as this customer, on the customer account page, you'll see the referral program progress as well as a link to get to the refer page.

I recommend copy and pasting the refer link for your test customer into either a different browser or a Chrome Incognito mode window.

Once you're redirected to the storefront, checkout normally. Once the checkout process is complete, you should check your original test customer and make sure that progress was indicated.

Do you have any suggestion on what kind of coupon I select for my reward?

Definitely! If you're planning on offering a "Free Box" as your reward, we strongly recommend you choose a flat-rate coupon with the discount equal to the cost of a single box.

Coupons with a 100% discount will apply to the total subscription.

For example, if a customer has a 6-month prepay subscription, an 100% discount coupon will make all 6-months free.

Therefore, we recommend specifying the flat-rate in the coupon rather than use a 100% discount.

A customer hit the referral goal, now what?

When your customer's subscription renews, the reward coupon that you have set will be applied to your customers subscription.

Will the reward coupon be applied on every subscription renewal?

If you select the "Apply on every renewal" option when creating a reward coupon, the coupon will get applied every renewal.

The default option (which we recommend) will be to only apply the coupon once.

Any tips for increasing my referral program's performance?

Our good friends over at Subscription School have written a great article on how to build a referral program that works great. Check out the article here: Building a Customer Referral Program that Works