You may write in to Cratejoy Support with any requests to remove customer data. Please be sure to write in from an authorized email address on your merchant account, and include the customer email address and ID.

Data Removal Checklist

Removing customer data on an active subscription will make it impossible for the subscription to renew or to ship upcoming shipments.

We recommend removing customer data if and only if your relationship with the customer is completely terminated. Otherwise, it's impossible for your customer's subscription to renew, or for you to know where to ship a pending package for the customer. With that in mind, we recommend checking the following before writing in to request that Cratejoy remove the customer's data:

  • The customer's subscriptions cannot be active. Subscriptions must be cancelled or expired before we can remove a customer's information.
  • The subscription must have zero pending unshipped shipments. Removing data includes removing the customer's mailing address, which will make it impossible to ship future shipments. Consider either shipping or cancelling + refunding any unshipped shipments.
  • Check for any surveys or customer notes. If your subscribe flow surveys contains any personally identifiable information about your customers, please tell us in your request. This can include your customer's name, birthday, gender, etc.

What Cratejoy Will Remove

  • Customer Name. Your customer's first + last names will become "Removed Removed".
  • Customer Email. Your customer's email address will be replaced with removed+{customerid}
  • Customer Addresses. Your customer's addresses will be partially removed. Shipping Name, Street, Company, Phone Number, and Unit fields will be set to "Removed".
  • Customer's Credit Card/Payment Information. Credit card or payment information will be removed, but the records of transactions will remain.

This changes will have no effect on your financial records, analytics reports, or churn. The customer's transaction history will remain with the anonymized records attached. This action cannot be undone.