Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.

Once Google Analytics is integrated into your store, you'll be able to find and track information like what percentage of people checkout on your store from a desktop or mobile device and how many unique impressions your store gets per day. This is very useful information for optimizing your store and checkout flow to get more people converting to paying customers.

1. Get your GA Token

You’ll need to get a GA account, so head to and set up an acount. After you set up your account, you’ll get a GA token that looks like: “UA-XXXXXxxx-X”

2. Log in to the merchant portal and navigate to the ‘Design’ section

 3. On your published theme select ‘Designer’:

4. Click on the ‘SEO Settings’ button in the designer:

5. Click on the ‘Site Settings’ tab:

6. Add your GA Token:

7. Next Enable E-Commerce Tracking:

After completing these first 7 steps, you should start seeing tracking data in your GA portal.

8. Enabling Google Analytics for Ecommerce

There is one final step required inside of your Google Analytics dashboard to get Ecommerce to work correctly. The documented steps for this are available HERE, and an image of the setting can be found below:

Ecommerce tracking is only available for custom storefronts and is not available for Marketplace listings.

Additional Resources:

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