The shipment export gives you information regarding your shipments. This includes shipments that have been shipped as well as those that need to be shipped. This article will walk you through how to run a shipment export as well as what's included in the export.

How to export shipments

To export your shipments, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Log into your Merchant Portal and go to Shipments or click here.

Step 2: If needed, filter for the desired information. Please note that you do not have to filter if you do not need to. 

On this page, you can filter by the following:

  • Shipment Status: Shipped or Unshipped
  • What to Ship: Previous Batch, Next Batch or Current Batch
  • Product: Subscription Products
  • Term: Subscription Terms (Month-to-Month and Prepaid Terms)
  • Sub Cycle:  What shipment number this is for a subscription ID
  • Gifting: Non-Gift Shipment, All Gift Shipments, Renewing Gift Shipments, Non-Renewing Gift Shipments
  • Add-Ons: Shipments with Add-Ons, Shipments Without Add-Ons

You can also sort by Re-Bill date.

Step 3: Click the Export button.

Step 4: Here you can select the export format.
Export options include:

  • CSV - All Shipments
  • CSV - Current Filter
  • CSV - Selected
  • Packing Slips - Current Filter
  • Packing Slips - Selected 

What's included in the Shipments export

The shipments export includes the following information. The number column corresponds with the column number on the export.

This export includes information on the following:

1Shipment IDShipment ID
2-4Customer InformationCustomer Information
5-15Shipping AddressMost recent shipping address for this shipment.
16-27Shipment and Order InformationIncludes information about the shipment, and the subscriptions/orders that generated the shipment.
28-31MetadataSubscription, cart and gift metadata
32-35Subscription InformationSubscription Information
36 and up Product InformationProduct information for product_0, the subscription product in each shipment. Additional columns may be at the end that map to the subscription variants selected.
E.g. if you offer a subscription product where someone selects a size and color, then column 37 might be size and column 38 might be color.

Column #Data PointDefinition
1shipment_idUnique ID for the shipment.
2customer_idID of the customer who purchased the order
3customer_nameName of the customer who purchased the order.
4customer_emailEmail address of the customer who purchased the order.
9 ship_cityCity
10ship_phone_numberPhone number
14verification_statusCould we verify the given address?
15verification_messageIf the shipping address is not verified, we give an error message, typically “Unable to verify address.” Shipment Information. Information about this shipment and the customer who ordered it.
16shipment_status:Shipped, Unshipped, Cancelled
Is this the first shipment your customer has ever received from you? Note that this is useful only if you consistently mark shipments as shipped. It returns as ‘yes’ if the customer has 0 existing shipments that are marked as shipped. Returns as ‘no’ if the customer has at least 1 shipped shipment.
18shipment_numberWhat # of shipment is this (across all products, subscriptions, etc.) that this customer has received from you?
Note: This is sequential by when the shipment was created.
19order_idThe order that generated this shipment.
20order_dateThe date on which that order was placed; note that for renewal orders, this is the date of renewal.
21target_ship_dateThe expected shipment date for this shipment; this is the date that determines what batch a shipment belongs to.
22subscription_cycle_countTells you what shipment number this is for the subscription ID that matches this subscription.
23customer_cycle_countTells you what # of shipment is this (across all products, subscriptions, etc.) that this customer has received from you?
Note: This is sequential by when the shipment was created. This field is the same number as shipment_number.
24customer_noteCustomer notes associated with the customer who purchased this shipment.
25subscription_notesSubscription notes that map to the subscription that generated this shipment.
Note: Cancellation reasons show up in subscription notes as well.
26subscription_term:Number form of how many cycles this customer has pre-paid. E.g. 1 for month-to-month subscriptions, 3 for a 3-month prepay, etc.
27tracking_numberIf applicable, the tracking number for the shipment.
28subscription_metadataIf available, metadata entered about the subscription. Includes survey information.
29cart_metadatIf available, metadata entered about the shopping cart that generated this shipment. Gift Information
Tells you whether the shipment was a gift purchase.
31gift_messageIncludes the gift message if (1) the subscription is part of a gift purchase and (2) if it is the gift subscription’s first shipment.
32subscription_idID associated with the subscription.
Indicates whether the subscription was purchased as a renewing or non-renewing subscription
34gift_recipient_nameGift recipient name
36gift_recipient_emailGift recipient email
36Product Information 

Frequently asked questions

When should I use the shipment number or subscription cycle count?

When a customer first orders from me (no matter what box they purchase!), I want to send them an insert explaining my business and who we are. How can I tell what shipments should receive this insert?
You should look for first_shipment=Yes if you consistently mark your shipments as shipped. If you don't consistently use mark as shipped, you should use shipment_number=1. This will tell you what shipments are the customer's first box with you.

I want to send an intro box for all first-time subs. How can I tell who is on the first box of their subscription?

Use subscription_cycle_count=1 to hit everyone on their first month! If you don’t want to send that intro box for someone who has switched products (say, moved from the Basic Box to a Premium Box, so you don't want to send them the intro box for your Premium product), you can send it to people who have subscription_cycle_count=1 AND shipment_number=1 so you’re only sending it to people who are receiving their very first box from you

I have a sequential box, so all customers get the same box as their first shipment, second shipment, etc. How can I find what box everyone should get in a given month?

Use subscription_cycle_count to tell you where a customer is in their subscription. It will say 1 for the customer’s first shipment in that subscription, 2 for their second shipment, etc.

I get a lot of prepays, and I want to send an insert/coupon on someone’s last- or second-to-last box. How can I find out what boxes should get this?

Use subscription_cycle_count and subscription_term. For example — if you have a 6-month prepay and you want to send a code, insert, or special gift to someone on their second-to-last box in each cycle to incentivize them to renew, you should find shipments that have subscription_term=6 and subscription_cycle_count=5, subscription_cycle_count=11, subscription_cycle_count=17, etc.