How do I set up a custom shipping schedule? 

Its simple to set up a custom shipping schedule for your subscription products on Cratejoy.

To do this, you will need to click on your subscription product and scroll down to the section titled, "Monthly Subscription Schedule".

do I ship?

Product Billing & Shipping Schedule 

It's very important to ensure you're shipping on the correct date each month. Our system is designed to prevent you from renewing customers before they have received their first shipment, which is the #1 cause of subscriber churn. 

The first day of the cutoff window is when your shipments are finalized for the month. That's why we recommend you ship right after your cutoff window begins, as you will have a finalized list of shipments.

Which shipments do I send?

Understanding Batches

From your shipments page, you can use the "What to Ship" filter and select "Current Batch". This batch is built to be shipped on, or very closely after, your target ship date each month.

You'll also find the "Previous Batch" and the "Next batch" You can view the "Next Batch" to get an idea of what you will need to ship the following month, but remember, the number of shipments won't be finalized until the first day of your cut off window.

Note that the "Current Batch" filter shows you all shipments that fall in that batch (regardless of shipment status), so if you want to see what you have left to ship, make sure to apply a status filter of "Unshipped" too!

You can also download a spreadsheet of what you need to ship this month from the Export menu.

If you sell one time products, you will see a seperate shipping view for these on the Shipments tab as well. These should generally be shipped as you receive the orders.

If you have more than one product with a different billing and shipping schedule, you will see a tab at the top of the shipments for each schedule.