When are shipments synced with my ShipStation account?

Shipments are synced on the order date of the shipment, which is the date listed on an individual shipment in the Cratejoy Merchant Portal.

Will past shipments automatically sync when I install ShipStation?

Yes. In the rare case that this doesn't automatically happen, you can force a manual sync through your ShipStation account.

Are shipments automatically marked as shipped?

ShipStation will send us the tracking number when an order in your ShipStation account is updated as shipped. If you have Auto Mark as Shipped turned in your Cratejoy account, under Settings -> Shipping, then your shipments will get automatically marked as shipped and updated with the tracking number. The Cratejoy Shipment Notice, if turned on under Settings -> Notifications, would also go out once a shipment is marked as shipped.

What happens when a shipment is cancelled in Cratejoy?

When a shipment is cancelled in Cratejoy, we send that new status to your ShipStation account and update the order so it will not get shipped out erroneously.

If a shipment is uncancelled, however, ShipStation does not update the applicable shipment and move it back into 'Awaiting Shipment'. Whenever a shipment is uncancelled, you will want to find the shipment in your ShipStation account and manually move it back to 'Awaiting Shipment'.

How do I know what to ship in ShipStation?

Shipments from Cratejoy are listed in your ShipStation account as Orders. You can set up filters within your ShipStation account by a date range matching your batch's date range in the Shipments tab of the Cratejoy Merchant Portal. It is good practice to export a list of shipments from Cratejoy after filtering by Status: Unshipped and Batch: Current Batch when fulfilling orders to ensure the two lists match.

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Do shipments from test orders get synced with ShipStation?

No. Only shipments generated from real orders are synced.