So, what exactly do you put in these boxes?

We've found that the best referral programs generally include default copy that provides the reader with some idea as to what your store sells as well as any special details about your subscription.

Keep in mind that on a social network, people are usually quickly scrolling through their timeline when they encounter these kinds of links. If they don't know what your company sells, they won't click. Catch the reader's attention!

For example, if you're a coffee subscription service:

"Ready to kick your morning cup of joe up a notch? Check out Coffee-in-a-Box for monthly coffee delivery straight to your door!"

Provide your potential customers with context so they're more likely to follow the link and learn more.

Don't forget! For Facebook sharing, make sure you're using an image to catch attention. For image best practices, checkout this article on Facebook:

Finally, if you're going to incentivize potential customers, make sure you let them know that in the Share Settings copy! A discount will almost always attract more potential customers to your store. To learn how to incentivize your referral program, check out the help article here: How to Incentivize Potential Conversions with Coupons