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In this document, we’ll explore the Cratejoy Sales Tax Report, its features, and how to use it.

What does it do?

The Sales Tax Report allows you to quickly understand your sales, taxes, shipping, and refunds for orders in any given city, state/province, or country. You are shown a brief preview of your filtered results, the aggregate dollar totals for all results, and given the option of exporting the data.

How do I use it? 

The Sales Tax Report is found in the “General” analytics section under the analytics menu.

By default, you will be shown the report for all of your orders within the last month. You can choose a different date range entirely, along with a city, state/provide, or country. Alternatively, you can simply select the “Orders with Sales Tax” option to quickly filter only for orders where your customer was charged a sales tax.
Once your filter is correctly set you can either make use of the aggregate totals displayed at the bottom of the screen or, if you require a more detailed view, you can export the data to perform further analysis in an application of your choosing.

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