This article is an overview of Cratejoy Payments on Cratejoy, such as who qualifies for it, specifics between usage on Cratejoy's Marketplace and Storefront, and how to check if you’re enrolled.

Tip: Learn more about the Cratejoy Payments Policy here.

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What is Cratejoy Payments? 

Cratejoy Payments is Cratejoy's own payment processor. Cratejoy Payments utilizes Stripe as its Payment Gateway and is safe and secure to use.

Do I need a new Stripe account to use Cratejoy Payments? 

Yes. To use Cratejoy Payments, you will need to set up a new Stripe Express account.

How does Cratejoy Payments work on the Cratejoy Marketplace? 

Cratejoy Payments simplifies payments for both you and your buyers. When your store uses Cratejoy Payments, you can accept payment from buyers by: 

  • credit cards

  • debit cards

  • Cratejoy Gift Card

  • Cratejoy Credit

  • Cratejoy Coupon

  • PayPal (where available)

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

The buyer can use these payment methods, and your sale funds will be available in your seller portal.

Is Installing Cratejoy Payments Mandatory?

  • Marketplace: Cratejoy Payments is mandatory for all new transactions on the Cratejoy Marketplace starting on March 31st, 2023. Sellers who do not install Cratejoy Payments for their Cratejoy Marketplace account will not be able accept any new orders after March 31st, 2023. Marketplace stores not on Cratejoy Payments will transfer to Community Pages on the Cratejoy Marketplace. Any existing orders will continue to renew on the Sellers existing payment processor.
  • Storefront: Cratejoy Payments is not mandatory for Storefront transactions, but is cheaper and will provide more benefits than any other processor.

How does Cratejoy Payments improve the Marketplace experience?

Installing Cratejoy Payments will ensure you provide a superior buyer experience, helping to increase your sales on the Cratejoy. Not only will Cratejoy Payments improve the experience for buyers, it will also unlock the benefits listed below:

  • Cratejoy funded coupons & site-wide coupons that make it easier to join promotions

  • Cratejoy will fight chargebacks on a Seller's behalf

  • Ability to offer and accept gift cards

  • Site-wide coupons that make it easier to join promotions

  • An enhanced cart experience for buyers that increases cart size

  • Introduction of Loyalty & Referral programs for buyers so they buy more

  • Cratejoy handling all state sales tax collection and remittance

  • An improved solution that blocks problem customers

  • A streamlined approach to refunds

Who is eligible for Cratejoy Payments?

Cratejoy Payments is currently available to all Cratejoy Marketplace and Cratejoy Storefront Sellers. To use Cratejoy Payments, your business must not be in a category that is restricted by Stripe.

If you’re not eligible for Cratejoy Payments, please check out our supported payment processors documentation here (storefront access only). 

I am an international seller, can I use Cratejoy Payments?

Yes, Cratejoy Payments is required for Cratejoy Marketplace accounts and available for Cratejoy Storefront accounts. International sellers may need to wait up to 5 business days from the date of registration for Stripe to complete its bank verifications. International sellers may also be charged a 1% currency conversion fee by Stripe.

Will Cratejoy release additional payment methods for Storefront checkouts, too? 

Yes, Cratejoy will develop and launch additional payment methods like ApplePay, GooglePay, and Buy Now Pay Later functionality. Our goal is to release these additional payment methods during Q2 2023.

Will I be able to use the same Stripe Express account for my Cratejoy Marketplace and Storefront accounts?

Yes! The same Stripe Express account will be used for Marketplace and Storefront orders. 

If I already set up Cratejoy Payments for my Marketplace account, do I need to onboard again?

No, you will not need to onboard again. You will be able to just enable Cratejoy Payments on your Storefront from inside your Seller dashboard.

Will there be any changes to my business with Cratejoy Payments?

The only changes will be the following:

  • A new Stripe Express account is required for use with Cratejoy Payments

  • Your new Cratejoy Payments Stripe Express account will payout funds to your bank account

  • Cratejoy will handle all chargebacks

  • Cratejoy will collect and remit State Sale Tax for Marketplace orders

Is Cratejoy Payments different from Stripe?

Cratejoy Payments uses Stripe as its payment gateway for processing, but you will need to create a new Stripe account to enable Cratejoy Payments. 

How Do I Know if I’m enrolled in Cratejoy Payments?

In your seller portal, you will see a Manage Bank Account tab under the Account section. Within there, if you’re enrolled and configured for Cratejoy Payments, you should see this: 

Transfers vs. Payouts

On the seller dashboard, you will notice three new sections:

  • Last 30 Days Transfers - Transfers are instances of Cratejoy sending money from the Cratejoy Payments to the seller’s bank account that they connected in the Manage Bank Account section

  •  Last 30 Days' Payouts - Payouts are when that transferred amount is made available in the seller’s linked bank account

Learn more about Using Analytics here

Will Cratejoy Payments apply to my renewals?

Yes. Once you are set up on Cratejoy Payments, all new and renewing orders will be processed through Cratejoy Payments.

When are funds visible in my Stripe Express account?

All funds will be visible in your new Stripe account within 1-2 business days from the date of order.

International sellers will have to wait an additional 1 business day for funds to transfer to their Stripe Express accounts.

When are funds paid out to me?

All funds are paid out within 2-4 business days from the date of order. In some instances, your very first payout can take up to 5 business days to process while Stripe verifies your account details.

Payouts from Cratejoy Payments will look similar to this on a bank statement:

Will my sales tax report change?

Your sales tax report will change only as it relates to Marketplace orders. Any new or renewal Marketplace orders using Cratejoy Payments will be removed from the Sales Tax Report in your analytics section.

How does Cratejoy Payments work with 1099 filing?

If you are eligible you will the form in your Stripe Express dashboard (from seller portal left side menu go to Account -> manage bank account and click the pencil icon above the table on the right). Per Stripe, the 1099-K filing threshold is $20,000 USD or 200 transactions for tax year 2022. For Cratejoy Payments this would be $20k USD or 200 transactions processed through Cratejoy Payments specifically.

What payment processing rates will I pay on Cratejoy payments?

Cratejoy Payments charges the following payment processing rates:

  • Marketplace orders: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Storefront orders: 2.8% + $0.30 per transaction

These fees are in addition to other Cratejoy Fees. Learn about the fees for selling on Cratejoy. 

How will chargebacks work?

Cratejoy will fight all chargebacks on your behalf and reach out if any additional evidence is needed for your case. A $15 fee is assessed for all chargebacks. There is no change from the current Stripe experience with chargebacks to the new experience with Cratejoy payments. 

What if I have a loan with Stripe?

If you took out a loan with Stripe, then you will need to contact their support team directly to figure out loan payments. 

Will I be able to use Stripe Capital on Cratejoy Payments?

 Yes. As long as you meet the Stripe Capital minimum eligibility requirements, you will be able to use their tools.

Processing a refund with Cratejoy Payments

The associated marketplace fees are also refunded if you refund a subscriber the full box cost for an order made through the Cratejoy Marketplace. This includes the Seller Transaction Fee and Referral Fee. 

The Cratejoy Payments payment processor fees will NOT be refunded.

Learn more about refunding marketplace orders.