This help article will walk you through everything you need to know about transaction fees on the Cratejoy platform.

A transaction fee is charged for all purchases made through your store. However, the amount will vary depending on whether or not the purchase occurred on the Cratejoy Marketplace. Please note that these transaction fees do apply on renewals.

Is there a monthly fee to join Cratejoy?

Yes, there is a $39/month fee which gives you all the features listed here. Additional charges only occur when sales are made.

What is the transaction fee?

Cratejoy purchases are charged 10% plus platform transaction fees (1.25% + $0.10) for the total cost of the order. So for a $25 transaction, you would pay $2.91 (10% plus the $0.41 listed above).

This fee exists because these purchases are from customers that Cratejoy is sending to your store who otherwise may never have seen your store, and for which we have invested a lot of time, effort, and money. This type of expense is referred to as Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC.

We have costs with acquiring customers just like you or any other marketer does but we also have a lot more resources and experience doing it. We are able to find customers for you and you don't have to front any expense, you can use the money you otherwise would spend on marketing for other things - or market yourself as well and get even more subscribers when we are both working to grow your business.

Purchases on Your Storefront:
If you elect to run your own storefront and build your own website, purchases made on that site will be charged 1.25% plus $0.10 on each transaction. So for a $25 transaction, you would pay $0.41.

How do we calculate the transaction fee?

The transaction fee is charged on the entirety of the order, including shipping and sales tax if applicable.

Cratejoy uses this formula to calculate transaction fees for any given purchase:

[(cost of products - discounts) + tax + shipping charges] x rate

The rate for transaction charges varies depending on your pricing plan.

Does the transaction fee apply to each renewal?

Yes - every transaction on the platform is subject to transaction fees.

Can I remove my listing?

You can remove your listing at any time by submitting a support ticket here.

When do I pay my Transaction Fees?

Transaction Fees are calculated and deducted at the time of the transaction.

If I refund a subscription, are the fees also refunded?

Yes. If you refund a subscriber the full box cost for an order made through Cratejoy, the associated fees are also refunded.

If you partially refund a Stripe order, we do a pro-rated refund on the percentage fee.

How can I see what I have paid in Transaction Fees for a given period of time?

You can find your transaction fees in the "All Transactions" export found in the "General Analytics by Month" report.

You can always find the transaction fees for any given order by navigating to the order details page or by using the search bar at the top of the Cratejoy merchant portal.

What kind of advertising does Cratejoy do for the Marketplace?

  • Subscription Box Reviewers/Unboxing (Example, Example)
  • Links from high traffic websites and affiliates (Example, Example)
  • High search rankings on Google across more than 200 search categories
  • Adwords, and Facebook advertising
  • Youtube Influencers (Example)
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Dozens of email, recommendation, and advertising experiments that our team runs every month

This transaction fee allows us to recover our cost of acquiring these new paying customers for you over their lifetime. We only recover our cost here if we're sending you high-quality customers that stick around for months on end.

Because this is on a per transaction basis and there is no fee for listing on the Cratejoy marketplace you can rest assured that if the Cratejoy marketplace does not send you customers then you wind up paying absolutely nothing.

Once your Cratejoy listing is approved, you will be able to start gaining new subscribers. Cratejoy uses email campaigns, paid advertising and affiliate relationships to drive subscribers to new and existing Cratejoy Merchants every day.

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