If you recently received an email from Cratejoy with the subject line "Your Cratejoy Subscription is expiring!" then this document lines out what you can do to fix this issue, what process Cratejoy takes and what this means for your store.

How to fix the issue

Most of the time, a merchant's credit card on file goes out of date or they deactivate it and forget to update their account with the new one.

Updating your credit card with the new and correct information, will make this error go away.

You can update your credit card information on your Cratejoy merchant account by:

  1. Logging onto your Merchant Portal as my.cratejoy.com
  2. Going to the Account tab on the left side navigation and then Payment Info
  3. Then enter in the correct card and billing address info and CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON

After you update the card, Cratejoy runs the new information the following morning and your Cratejoy subscription will renew and everything should be fine.

What happens when I get this email saying "Your Cratejoy Subscription is expiring!":

  1. Cratejoy will continue to try to process your credit card once a day (normally in the morning) for 8 days in a row. So that's 8 times that your card will be attempted. If you update your card before the end of those 8 days, just wait until the following morning and the card should go through when we try to process it again and everything should be fine then.
  2. During those 8 days of trying to process your card:
  • Your store is NOT closed and should be operating as it was before
  • Orders on your store during those 8 days should continue to be processed as they were before
  • Your subscribers still have full access to your site, their account, and any actions they could normally take on their account like updating their address
  • Nothing should have changed
  • If your card is still declined on the 8th attempt then the following happens:
    • Any active subscription on your account have their renewals turned off so that people don't continue to be charged in the event of an emergency on the merchant's part
    • The store will be closed and will no longer be accessible by the URL if you've been hosting your front-end store with Cratejoy
    • Since the store is closed and no longer accessible, new orders will not go through and be processed
    • Subscribers will not be able to access their accounts and accounts page if you've been hosting your front-end store with Cratejoy
  • After the 8th day, you'll need to contact Cratejoy Support to update your credit card information so that your store is turned back on. Renewals are also automatically shut off when your store gets closed so have support turn your renewals back on as well.

For any questions or assistance, please contact Cratejoy Support