If you purchase and print shipping labels from outside of Cratejoy, this tool can be used to upload tracking numbers for your shipments directly to Cratejoy.

What you will need is a CSV with shipment ID, tracking number pairs. For example:

Once you have this ready, go to the Shipments page and click 'Upload Tracking'. The window where you will upload your CSV will display:

Here you will choose your CSV file prepared with shipment IDs and tracking numbers. Once uploaded, a small preview will display of the updates that will be made:

If you want to mark the provided shipments as shipped when uploading tracking numbers, select the option to 'Mark shipments as shipped'. You can then select to send feedback and the interval between when the shipment was marked as shipped and when the feedback notification should go out.

Once confirmed, a process will begin in the background to add tracking and mark the provided shipments as shipped, if selected.

You will receive an e-mail at your admin e-mail address noting that the bulk action has been completed.