What can the Charge Immediately Button be used for?

Merchants can use the Charge Immediately Button for subscriptions that are "Active" or "Past due":

1. To charge a customer immediately for a subscription that is in past due status:

  • When to use example: Customer Jake's credit card was declined the first day (and up to 10 days) his cc was changed and notifies the merchant that they updated their credit card information (Jake really wants to make sure he does not miss out on receiving his next box). The merchant then wants to charge the customer immediately (rather than wait until the following morning when renewals are automatically pushed through). To charge the customer immediately, use the Charge Immediately button.
  • This action will attempt to charge the cc on file and (if successful) set the subscriptions past due status to active.
  • If the charge to the cc is unsuccessful, the subscription will remain in past due status as if nothing ever happened.

2. To send a customer an additional box outside their normal active subscription:

  • When to use example: Customer Sally loved the merchants October box so much that she wants another one. To charge Sally's credit card and create a shipment for another October box, use the Charge Immediately button.
  • This action will attempt to charge the customer's cc on file for the same amount they paid for their monthly renewal and (if successful) create a shipment.
  • This action will NOT impact the customer's on-going subscription.
  • This action can only be used on subscriptions in active status.

The Charge Immediately Button in action: