What is the Expected Ship Date tool? 

The Expected Ship Date tool, allows you to share information about when you ship your boxes with your subscribers.

Subscribers want to know when they will receive their boxes. In fact, we've found that this is one of the most asked questions from subscribers.

Sharing this information with your subscribers, will help them to have confidence in your business, increase overall satisfaction, and keep them subscribed to your box longer.

You'll be able to add your expected ship date to your store when creating a listing for the Cratejoy Marketplace. (https://my.cratejoy.com/marketplace/)

How should I explain my shipping policy? 

Try to give your subscribers a window into the way you ship, while keeping it as simple as possible.

Subscribers prefer to have concrete dates on when they can expect to see different actions.


  • We ship every month on the 14th.
  • We ship every month between the 14th-18th.
  • We ship on the third Tuesday of every month (14th-23rd).

Feel free to give any other relevant information you feel will be helpful, but don't drown your subscribers in information.

The Expected Ship Date tool limits your shipping policy to 350 characters.

Where will customers see my shipping policy? 

We will surface your shipping policy to your subscribers in a few different locations.

  1. Marketplace Order Confirmation Page
  2. Marketplace My Subscriptions cards

First, we will show it on the Order Confirmation page.

When a customer places an order on the marketplace, they will receive a confirmation page, showing them that their order has been successfully placed.


Next, we will show this information on the Marketplace My Subscriptions cards. This is the central location where your Marketplace subscribers can go to manage their accounts.

Customers will be able to view the shipping policy you have created, by clicking the 'Shipping Policy' button on the subscription card relevant to your box.