For more details on how the Add-Ons app works, please check out the Add-Ons FAQ here:

  1. Install the Add-Ons app from the Cratejoy App Store in the seller portal

  2. Configure an add-on step on each of the subscription products that you would like to offer one-time products as add-ons during the subscribe flow

    Configuring the add-ons step to a Visible subscription product will reflect the change on your published site. To test this out without your site visitors seeing it first, add the add-ons step to a Hidden subscription product and then use the direct URL for that hidden product to see & test how the subscribe flow works.

  3. Add the one-time products that you would like to offer by searching for your one-time product in the search field to the add-ons step and change the order of the products to be how you'd like them to appear to the customer

  4. Save the product changes
  5. Test the subscribe flow by visiting your live website and attempting to buy your subscription product

  6. You can configure how the Add-Ons page looks using the Cratejoy Designer. Sellers also have access to the page code using Designer so they can fully customize the page (moving the "Continue to Checkout" button, changing how many products show in each row, etc.) doing custom development themselves.

    Only published themes or installing new themes will add the add-ons code to your theme. To edit and test add-ons on an unpublished theme, either publish it quickly and then unpublish it or make a copy of the live theme and edit that.