This article only applies to the Cratejoy Storefront Plan.

It is possible to change the language of your site, including the checkout page and the my account pages, using our Localize integration. You can even translate your site into multiple languages and allow your visitors to choose the language they prefer.

1. Install the Localize App

follow the instructions in the app store to install our Localize app:

2. Seed your Localize account with all of the phrases on your site

You need to actually browse to every page of your site. This includes:

  • Your home page
  • All back pages (FAQ, How it works page, about page, etc)
  • The subscribe page
  • Gifting pages
  • Any one time products
  • Checkout page
  • Thank you page (You see this after completing a checkout)
  • Customer pages (login, forgot password, my account page, edit subscription page, edit billing info page, edit address page)

3. Add translations for all of the phrases in Localize

4. Optionally - translate your notifications

If you want the e-mails sent to your customers to be in their native language you will have to manually translate the notifications in the Cratejoy platform. You will need to edit each one of the notifications one by one to do this: