Please note, the Loyalty Program is a beta program. Therefore, there may be some unknown issues. If you encounter an unexpected error, please contact Cratejoy Support.

The Loyalty Program app can be a fantastic tool to help you reward customers for staying active on your store.

In the article, we'll discuss the Merchant Flow (how to set-up the loyalty program) for the loyalty program and then discuss the Customer Flow (how customers interact with the loyalty program)

Merchant Flow

After you install the loyalty program first time, you should see a prompt asking if you'd like to automatically set-up your loyalty program with some basic defaults.

These defaults include some reasonable point rewards as well as a few basic rewards for the customer to choose from.

The first section of the loyalty program set-up is fairly straightforward: you can choose to activate your loyalty program as well as give a new name for your points system (this is a purely cosmetic change but you can change it to fit your branding, if you want).

The next section lets you specify how many points the customer will be awarded for each action. Customers can complete the following actions to get points:

  • Signup
  • Subscription renewal
  • One-time purchases
  • A successful referral conversion
  • When a product review is published

Please note: One time purchase, referral, product review options won't be available unless you have one-time purchase, referral program, and review app installed (respectively)

When setting points for a renewal, keep in mind that these will be multiplied for pre-payments. Suppose it's set to 10 points per renewal. If I sign up for a monthly subscription, I get 10 points each month when I renew. If I sign up for a 12-month prepay, I get 120 each time I renew, and get credited for 11 months of renewals on my initial purchase. This way, prepays and non-prepays earn the same amount of loyalty points if they stay the same amount of time.

If you chose to use the default options from the initial pop-up, your loyalty rewards might look something like this:

If the checkbox in the "Renewal Discount?" column is checked, this reward is only applied on subscription renewals.

To customize the reward value (such as discount, product exemptions, number of times reward is applied), all you have to do is customize the coupon that's associated with the reward. For more help on setting up a coupon, check out the Create a Coupon article here.

To add a new reward, click the "Add Reward" option.

To remove a reward, click the "x" icon to the left of the reward row.

When you are ready to take your loyalty program live, make sure the "Visibility" option in the "Loyalty Configuration" setting (at the top of the loyalty program page) is switched to on and you have saved your changes.

When your loyalty program is live, you can view customer's loyalty program activity as well as give them bonus points.

Customer Flow

When a customer logs in to their account page (and your loyalty program is active), they'll be able to see their points progress.

If they continue to the "Choose my Reward" section, they can pick from the rewards that you've set-up and spend their points.

When they have a pending gift redemption, it'll will appear on their my account page.

If your reward is not a renewal reward, the reward coupon will applied next time a customer checks out with a product that applies to that coupon.

For example: if your reward is $10 off next one-time purchase, when a customer redeems that reward and then adds a one-time purchase product to their cart and checks out, the $10 off coupon will automatically be applied.


Your loyalty program is ready to go! Let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at [email protected].