This guide will walk you through on how to set up weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc in your Cratejoy Merchant portal.

Before you can begin using the advanced rebilling app, you will need to contact Cratejoy Support. This is because there are some things we want to make sure you know before enabling advanced rebilling. After you've sent a request to Cratejoy Support and the advanced rebilling app has been added to your Merchant Portal, you will need to follow these instructions to set it up on your subscription products.

1. Create a new subscription product

You can’t edit subscription products with active subscribers, so the first thing you'll want to do is duplicate your product, which you can do from the Subscriptions tab here.

Once you are on the Subscription Products list view, if you hover your mouse over the product you want to be duplicated, you will see a 'Duplicate' button appear on the right-hand side of that product. Click duplicate and an exact copy of your product will be created.

2. Set Up a Customized Subscription Schedule

When you create a new product or duplicate a product, you will see a default Subscription Schedule. To customize your own using the advanced rebilling app, you'll want to click on the words, "Set yours up here."

3. Describe Your New Shipping Schedule

A lot of subscribers can be easily confused so it's pertinent to explain how you plan to ship on your new schedule. This will set an expectation of when subscribers will receive their shipments.

Here are some examples:

  • “Your box will ship on the [DATE] of every month. Please order by the [DATE] to get the current box.”
  • “Your first box will ship on the [DATE] of the month. Please order by the [DATE] to get the current box. For existing subscribers, we ship on the [DATE] of every month.”

4. Choose Your Billing Frequency

The next step is to choose the billing frequency for your product.

Not sure what each billing frequency means? Check out What billing frequency options are there?

Once you've chosen you're billing frequency and set up the rest of your subscription product, simply click 'SAVE' and you should be all set!

If you no longer want to offer your previous month-to-month options then make sure you make them 'Hidden'.

Still, have questions? Submit a ticket to Cratejoy Support.

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