Gifting 1.0 does not work on the Marketplace.

Wondering what the difference is between gifting 1.0 and 3.1? Here's a handy table outlining the features of each program with a short explanation of each.

Available only on Gifting 1.0: 

You can make the gift recipient a separate customer in the Seller Dashboard.

Gift recipient can have their own account on seller's site.

Gift sender can choose the date they want gift recipient to receive notification email: this email includes their gift code to claim their gift and the message sent from the gift sender.

You can export gift information from gift export report: this includes gift ID, order placed at, gift sender, gift receiver, gift product, gift email and gift redemption code.

You can send a gift card to gift recipient to redeem for their subscription.

Available on Gifting 1.0 & Gifting 3.1

You can collect gift recipient information at checkout: this includes gift recipient name, email and the gift message.

You can create a custom gift email template to be sent to gift recipients: for storefront gift purchases, sellers can customize the look and fell of their gift email via the notification message editor.

You can sell non-auto renewing gifts: these gifts don't renew after the original purchase term has ended.

You can use "purchased as a gift" as a cancellation reason: When canceling a gift purchase, the sender can now check off, "purchased as a gift" so seller's have a better understanding of their churn.

Available only on Gifting 3.1:

You can view gift recipient information on all relevant reports: this includes the One-Time Orders, Shipments, Subscriptions and All Transactions exports.

Senders can give one-time products as a gifts.

You can view gift recipient information on their dashboard: viewable on the Subscriptions Details and One-Time Orders page.

You can export gift recipient information to MailChimp to market to gift recipients. Learn more about this feature, here.

You can automatically notify gift recipients that their gift is on their way: this email, containing tracking information and the gift sender's message is sent when a package is marked as shipped. While this notification is automatically sent for Marketplace purchases, it can be turned off in the Notification Settings for purchases thru seller storefronts.

You can change gift auto-renewing status: includes the ability to toggle the renewal status of a gift from the Subscriptions Details page in the seller dashboard.

You can sell auto-renewing gifts and gifts on prepaid terms such as 3 month, 6 month, etc.

You can link gift recipient to gift sender.