What do I do if there are blank spaces in my subscribe flow navigation?

If the breadcrumb navigation in your subscribe flow has a "blank" step in like this:

Then it is most likely because there isn't the necessary code in your theme to tell it what that step should be.

This can be easily fixed though by adding the correct code to your theme

  1. Go to the Design tab in the seller portal and then click Code. Click on the "HTML" section and then the "subscribe_flow" folder. Open the "progress_bar.html" file:

    If your file hiearchy doesn't look like this then you probably have a newer theme and aren't running into this exact problem. Please contact Cratejoy Support so we can investigate your issue.

  2. You'll need to add a new section of code so the theme knows what to call that step. Your code probably looks like this right now:

  3. You'll want to add code like the following:
  4. Once you save your changes on that progress_bar.html file, then your site should properly show that step and look like this now: