We understand that you may have some questions about this exciting new feature, so we’ve listed a few below. 

You can read the Subscriber Q&A Guidelines in our support article: Using the Questions & Answers Feature. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Cratejoy Support

What is Cratejoy Questions & Answers?

Our new Questions & Answers feature allows you to better serve your customers by offering potential subscribers a space to ask questions about your box and current subscribers an opportunity to share their expertise. 

What types of questions or answers can the community submit?

All posts must apply directly to the specific box experience. We recommend the community asks specific, practical questions to understand the buying experience or the experience of receiving the items in the box. Questions and answers that are disrespectful, lack context, or discuss the following topics more than the box itself may be edited or removed:

  • Shipping or handling questions for the seller
  • Order-specific information
  • Merchant customer service needs
  • Self-promotion (such as linking to one’s social media or blog)
  • Other topics or language that does not comply with our content guidelines

Will I be notified when someone submits a question or answer to my listing? Who will be notified when a new question is asked or answered?

As the merchant, you will receive an automatic message notification relaying the new question or answer every time one is posted on your listing. 

When a user submits a new question on a Marketplace listing, Cratejoy informs the owner of that listing and reaches out to prior purchasers and reviewers of that box for their expertise. When a new answer is submitted to a question, we notify the primary contact for that listing and the user who posted the question. 

Individual team members can control if they receive this notification or not in their notification settings.

Can I edit and/or remove questions and answers?

Currently, merchants cannot edit or remove questions or answers submitted by consumers. However, these questions and answers fall under the same guidelines for user-generated content across the Cratejoy Marketplace and will be moderated by our team. 

All questions and answers must be relevant, respectful, truthful to the user’s experience, and avoid self-promotion, profane or disrespectful language, and spam. Any questions or answers that do not meet these guidelines will be removed.

Can I post my own questions for potential subscribers?

Questions & Answers does not offer the opportunity for merchants to submit questions as themselves. However, merchants are welcome to build their brand by responding directly to user questions through the Seller Portal here.

Can I post an official answer as the merchant?

Yes, there are two ways to answer: 

(1) Via the Seller Portal here. The questions section will show the question ID, name of the person who wrote the question, and a preview of the question like below. 

  • To add an answer:
    • Click on "Add answer" 
    • On the next screen, type in your answer then click "Answer" to have it submitted to your Marketplace Listing

(2) Reply to the automated email notification for a new question.

  • The email reply you send will be the top answer and displayed as an official answer posted by the merchant.
  • For the best results, don't include any content (signatures, etc) aside from your answer above the original message. And make sure the original automated email message from Cratejoy is part of the reply (most email apps will do this automatically). 

Posting an answer with any form of "spam," including advertisements, contests, or other solicitations for other websites or companies; or any URL link that includes a "referrer" tag or affiliate code is not permitted and will be removed.

Can I delete or update my official merchant answer?

To update, simply reply in the questions section in the Seller Portal here. or to the original automated email message again. If you want to remove your answer, please contact Cratejoy Support

Am I expected to answer a question someone leaves on my listing?

While merchants are not required to answer questions posted by potential subscribers, you are certainly welcome to reply if you wish. This not only allows you to better serve your consumer experience and develop your brand reputation, but it also provides to the customer clarity and a sense of authority to your answer.

Looking to leave a review on a listing? Check out our review content guidelines.