How Reviews Work


Subscribers can review your subscription product on the Cratejoy Marketplace. Each review has a star rating on a scale of one through five stars, a review body, and an optional review headline. The star rating displayed on your listing will be the weighted average of all published reviews, with reviews weighted in order of recency.

You may notice a Verified Purchase badge on some reviews.

The Verified Purchase badge indicates that the author of the review is a confirmed subscriber* of the box and that they wrote the review after starting their subscription. All reviewers must register their email address when they write a review. If a reviewer's email address matches a subscriber's email address, they'll receive a Verified Purchase badge at the bottom of their review.

*Please note that gift recipients that leave a review will not have a verified purchase badge as they did not make the purchase themselves.*

New Review Notification

Once a new Marketplace review is posted, you'll receive a new notification to your Cratejoy account email address.

This email notification will include the review text, star rating, and information about the reviewer, including the reviewer's name and contact information.

These notifications are sent to the account admin, plus any account user with a "Customer Support" user profile.

Responding Publicly to Reviews

Merchants can publicly post responses to Cratejoy reviews, which will appear inset and slightly below the review. Check out more info here about publicly responding to reviews!

Login to your Cratejoy account and click the “Reviews” button with the star icon on the left navigation sidebar.

On the Reviews screen, you’ll see a rundown of all the reviews posted to your listing, organized by recency. (Note: If a subscriber edits their review, it will move to the top of the list.)

Click on the review to which you’d like to respond.

Write your reply in the text box and click the “Reply” button to post your response on your listing.

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Structured Reviews

When your reviewer clicks on the "Write a Review" button, they will see the following:

Now, subscribers can rate different elements of their experience, known as structured reviews.

The ratings from your structured reviews do NOT impact your overall review rating.

These new metrics give you more control over your brand reputation, as they allow subscribers to highlight what they loved about their experience.



What if I can't find a customer with that email address in my Cratejoy account?
 If the reviewer's email address doesn't match any of your subscribers, we recommend reaching out to them via the "Email {Customer Name}" link, or by searching for their name in your account. The reviewer might not have used the same email address to write the review that they used to sign up for your subscription, or perhaps the reviewer was the gift recipient of a gift subscription.


How does Cratejoy protect me from fake, harmful, or fraudulent reviews?
 We moderate all Cratejoy Marketplace reviews to ensure they are legitimate and helpful reviews of the subscription products you offer. We’ll specifically….

  • Moderate and check reviews posted by non-subscribers that are not true reviews of the subscription product or service (e.g. “This looks like a copy of So-and-So box…”).
  • Moderate and check reviews posted by non-subscribers that might be fraudulent or fake.
  • Moderate and avoid publishing duplicate reviews posted by the same reviewer.
  • Moderate reviews to filter out profane or harassing language.

Cratejoy will also show a Verified Purchase tag on reviews that come from actual subscribers to your account.


How can I turn off these review-posted notifications? What if I only want to receive them for certain star ratings?
 As a store admin, you can turn off the review notifications for your account. They are listed under Settings → Notifications → Admin Notifications as “Marketplace Review Posted.”

At this time, you cannot enable these review notifications just for certain star ratings. Instead, we recommend using email filtering to highlight just the reviews you care about! You can filter based on the subject line:

  • 4 and 5 star reviews trigger a notification with the subject line “Congratulations! You’ve just received a new {star rating} star review from one of your subscribers”
  • 1, 2, and 3 star reviews trigger a notification with the subject line “You’ve just received a new {star rating} star Cratejoy review.”