IF your dashboard has a tab that says "Product Listings" please click here to learn more about getting set up. 

For Cratejoy merchants, you can create and publish your listing from within your merchant dashboard. Click on the 'Listing' button located in the left column.


Your marketplace listing is an important tool for your business. Your listing showcases your subscription box to the nearly 500,000 unique visitors (and growing) to the marketplace each month. Keep it updated with your latest promotions, images, and more! The Marketplace allows customers to leave reviews of their experiences with your subscription - this is great extra validation for new prospective customers (about 60% of the 500,000 unique visitors are new).

When you create your Marketplace listing, you'll fill out some basic information regarding your subscription and products:

  • Brief Description - this should be a brief summary of what your subscription is
  • Main Headline - this is your listing headline, displayed just under the images
  • Detailed Description - provide detailed information here about your subscription, for example the types of products included or the theme of your subscription
  • Categories - pick a main category, which is where your listing will be included from the categories listed in the main Marketplace navigation, and a sub-category
  • List of Features - a bulleted list of features of your subscription
  • Target Ship Date - when and how you ship. This is displayed on the order confirmation only.

You'll also add photographs, a banner image (which displays as a background to the right of the headline and description), SEO information, and social media handles that will be linked to from your listing.

This information will be automatically populated on your listing page in the following format:

Your Marketplace listing will also automatically pull the lowest price available for your subscription products, displayed above the "Subscribe Now" button, and applicable shipping information displayed just below. That shipping information comes from your product settings, or the global shipping rules defined under Settings -> Shipping.

Once complete and filled with real information, your listing should look something like this: