This article will guide you on how to add a coupon to your marketplace listing. Don't know how to create a coupon? Follow this article here first. 

Whether you’re participating in a marketplace flash sale or would like to give an additional incentive to purchase, creating a marketplace coupon is the easiest way to offer discounts on your product.

Coupons require either a dollar or percentage discount off the full price of the box, descriptive text with an applicable coupon code, and specification on the number of times the discount will apply to purchase.

What types of discounts will show on listings?

If you set a flat-rate discount, it will show the dollar amount off. If you set a percentage discount, it will show the percentage off.

The coupon needs to be already active in order to be added to your listing. The coupon can't be scheduled to activate at a later date otherwise it won't work on your listing.

A free shipping or no discount coupon, will not show on your marketplace listing. 

How to Add a Coupon to Your Listing

Once you've created your coupon using the instructions here, it's fairly simple to add it to your Cratejoy Marketplace Listing.

Step 1: Go to Listing 

Once you’ve made your coupon, you’ll need to head to the Listing page of your seller dashboard and select the coupon you’d like to feature on your Marketplace listing. This is because you can set up as many coupons as you want, but can only display one coupon on your listing at a time.


Step 2: Scroll to the Bottom of Basic Info

At the bottom of the basic info section, you should see a drop-down menu that says Choose a Coupon under the "Give shoppers an incentive to subscribe!" part.


For example, let’s say you set up a special coupon just for Black Friday sales. In that case, you would need to select the Black Friday coupon from your drop-down menu when you want the sale to start, then update your selection after the Black Friday sale ends.



You will also need to add your coupon code to the coupon description section in order for subscribers to see what coupon to add at checkout. 

Where does the added coupon show up on my listing? 

When someone is browsing a category that your subscription box is in, it will show up as a green corner tag showing the discounted amount or percentage.

On your listing page, there will be a green bar with the coupon code and the discount amount displayed for potential subscribers.

Keep in Mind

You can only add active coupons to your listing. This means that if you set up your coupon’s “Activate Date” to be in the future under the Limitations tab, you’ll need to select that coupon under the drop-down menu after the coupon goes live so the coupon displays on your listing. (If you try to add the coupon to your listing earlier, it won’t display, per the limitation.)