If you are on Gifting 1, you will not be able to take advantage of Marketplace gifting. For more information on Gifting 3, please see this document, and if you would like to upgrade, please contact [email protected], and we will be happy to assist.


As part of our upgraded gifting functionality, we're thrilled to announce that gift subscriptions are now offered for listings on the Cratejoy Marketplace! This document will outline how Marketplace gift subscriptions behave, and the simple checkout process from the perspective of your subscribers.

Do I need to update my Marketplace Listing?

Not at all! Gifting is platform-wide, and requires no extra effort on your part. Gift subscriptions are enabled on all Marketplace listings. 


Do Marketplace gifts renew?

Whether a Marketplace gift subscription renews or not is a decision made by the purchaser at checkout. This functionality was enabled by Gifting 3, and gives subscribers the greatest degree of control over their subscriptions.

It is important to note that while your personal store front can offer one of three renewal settings (always renew, never renew, ask the purchaser at checkout), only one setting, ask at checkout, is available on the Marketplace. Your site's checkout selection does not impact the behavior of gift subscriptions placed on the Marketplace.


Sounds great! So what does a Marketplace gift purchase look like?

While the subscribe flow has been altered to accommodate gifting, Marketplace listings themselves are unchanged. Below is an example listing, where we will click "Personalize Your Box" to enter the subscribe flow.


Next we will select our subscription term, exactly as we did before gifting was available on the Marketplace.


Now that we are ready to select payment and shipping information, we can see the option to make this a gift subscription.


When we indicate that this is a gift subscription, a new check box appears, asking whether to automatically renew this subscription or not. By default, it is not selected, and copy on the site indicates the subscription will not renew.


When selected, this copy will change, indicating that the subscription will renew.


And it's that easy! The subscriber places his or her order, and the gift subscription is good to go! Your subscriber will be able to log in and view the subscription under the Gift Subscriptions tab of the customer account page.


Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about Marketplace gifting!