Gift subscriptions represent a large percentage of the overall orders placed on the Cratejoy marketplace. In many ways, gift subscriptions behave in the same way as normal subscriptions, but there are a few key differences. This article will cover the gifting experience on the Cratejoy Marketplace, as well as different ways to identify gift subscriptions in your Cratejoy Seller Account. 

Please note: While there is an option in the Checkout Settings page in your account to choose whether you want to offer gifts as renewing, non-renewing, or both, this setting only applies to custom storefronts and not to marketplace purchases

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How do customers place gift orders?
What notification does the gift recipient receive?
How can I tell if a subscription is a gift?

How do customers place gift orders?

Selecting the gift option

When placing an order on the Cratejoy Marketplace, customers have the option to give the subscription as a gift. There are two places during the order process where customers can choose this option

  1. On the main listing page, there are options to Subscribe Now, or Give as a Gift
  2. If a customer selects Subscribe Now, they will still have the opportunity to purchase the subscription as a gift during checkout

Entering gift information

During the checkout process, if the option to give as a gift is selected, there is additional information collected to help manage the subscription

  1. Personalized Message - This message will be included in the notification the customer gets that lets them know they have been given a gift
  2. Recipient Full Name - This is used for notifications and also for shipping information
  3. Recipient Email Address - This is used for notifications
  4. When should we send your gift message? - This determines if the notification will go out right away or when the first shipment ships
  5. Your gift will automatically renew - If this is selected, the gift will renew like a normal subscription using the gift purchasers payment information

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What notification does the gift recipient receive?

The gift recipient will receive a notification letting them know that they received a gift. This notification will include the personalized gift message as well as give them the option to view the gift and optionally create an account so they can manage the subscription in their own account. 

Please note: The gift notification is sent via the Cratejoy Marketplace and isn't customizable in the notification settings page.

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How can I tell if a subscription is a gift?

On the Subscriptions tab

On the Subscriptions tab, you can identify gifts by the present icon displayed next to the customer name. Additionally, you can filter the subscription list to view all gifts, renewing gifts, or non-renewing gifts.

On the individual subscription page 

On the subscription page for the individual subscription, you can tell that a subscription is a gift in a few different places. In addition to the present icon next to the Product field, there is also a section where you can view the gift information and also toggle the option to have the subscription renew if the gift giver decides to extend the gift.

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