The Holidays are right around the corner and now is the time to figure out how to ship to your subscribers quicker.

Please note that this guide is written for Cratejoy's built-in shipping, but the process is the same in practice if using a third-party solution.

1. Go to your Shipments tab

2. Clear all current filters and filter by Sub Cycle 1 

By selecting "Sub Cycle -1", this will show you all shipments that are the 1st shipment in your subscriptions. You can then filter by date if you wish.

3. Create Labels and ship packages

Once you've filtered the shipments by "Sub Cycle -1", you can print your labels using Cratejoy or a third party shipping company such as ShipStation, PirateShip, etc. 

If a shipment missed the current cut off date, but you still want to send it, then you may want to change the subscription's renewal date by following the steps in this article, Moving Shipments and Renewal Dates.