You’ve got your customer in the door of your online shop. Now it’s time for DETAILS. Your detailed description will go a long way in answering any questions your new customer may have about your box. 

Your detailed description should answer these four questions in a cohesive, easy-to-read paragraph (recommended length: 3-5 sentences). 

  1. What is the box? 

    1. A crafting box for adults to learn or create

    2. A curated self-care box to focus on your well-being

    3. A snack box that introduces you to European chocolates

  2. How can the box contents be used? 

    1. Activity for friends getting together/ solo hobby 

    2. To support rest & renewal

    3. Introduction to new foods

  3. Who is your customer?

    1. People who enjoy crafts and learning new things

    2. A busy, working parent

    3. Anyone who likes chocolate 

  4. What are the expected benefits of this box? 

    1. Learn something new/ have fun with friends and family 

    2. Destress and re-energize 

    3. Convenient way to find a new favorite treat 

Where to Find the Detailed Description on Your Listing Set Up Page

Example of a Good Detailed Description

The above example describes what will come in the box and allows the customer to imagine themselves using it for a craft night with friends or a date! 

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