Your customer is in your shop and is expressing interest in your product. Now’s the time to land the sale with your List of Features! 

We suggest you use all five bullet points available to include information like the total retail value (if relevant), the number of products, the type of products, curation details, and anything else that makes your box stand out. 

Use this section to tell the story of your box!

Consider these points to add to your List of Features: 

  • Where your products come from 

    • Example: locally sourced from Denver, Colorado

  • The retail value of the box contents

    • Example: Each box contains over $150 worth of products

  • How many products are in each box 

    • Example: 4-6 items in each box

  • High-quality features about your products

    • Example: Each coaster is made from 100% real wood and treated to last

  • Details about your curation process 

    • Example: we hand select each item from local artists

  • Suggestions for how to use the products 

    • Example: perfect for date night!

  • Suggestions for gifting 

    • Example: a great gift for all the teachers in your life!

  • Explaining the differences between different products you offer

    • Example: the small box include 2-3 art projects each month

    • Example: the large box includes 3-5 art projects plus a specially themed notebook each month

Where to Find the "List of Features" on Your Listing Set Up Page

Example of a Good List of Features

These bulleted points should highlight the value of your box to the customer. This example shows that this subscription box will allow the customer to spend more quality time with loved ones while learning something new! 

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