You can update the shipping section at any time! We recommend regularly updating this to make sure that you are giving current shipping information to your customers (especially during holiday shopping seasons or if you are anticipating fulfillment or shipping delays). 

Listings with clear, accurate shipping information provide two big benefits for your business: 

  1. It sets expectations. Filling out the shipping section of your listing with all relevant information lets buyers know what to expect and removes post-purchase confusion on when their order will ship.

  2. It gets you more sales! A clear, informative shipping section is a major part of nudging potential subscribers toward the “subscribe now” button. They’re already interested. They want to order and be done. Clear shipping information removes roadblocks to potential sales. 

To set up your shipping information: go to the Product Listings tab in your Seller Portal and fill out the form pictured below.

This is where the shipping information will be displayed on Cratejoy Marketplace Listings:

This is what Cratejoy Marketplace customers will see on the Order Confirmation page:

This shipping section is clear and informative. Potential customers know that if they subscribe, their first box will ship within 4 days and all subsequent boxes will ship around the same day each month. 

Bottom line: clear, accurate shipping information saves time and increases sales. 

Are you charging correctly for shipments? Check out our shipping rules to learn more.

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