High-quality photos (and lots of them!) are essential to your listing. They work hand-in-hand with your well-written copy to attract more subscribers. Photos should inspire potential customers to imagine themselves being delighted by the contents of their subscription box.

When shopping online: photos are the closest a buyer gets to picking up a product and experiencing it before making a decision to purchase. Clear, high-quality photos show the value of your subscription box to potential buyers.

We recommend at least 8-10 total images, 1200x800 for dimensions and 300ppi, showcasing high-quality, high-resolution photos of your box and the contents, including:

  • 2 flat lays with all the products against a bright (preferably white) background 
  • 2 individual product shots against a bright (preferably white) background
  • 1-2 images of your branded box
  • 1-2 unboxing experience photos that showcase the products in your box   
  • 1-2 lifestyle images featuring people using your products

Check out these comparisons of high-quality vs. low-quality images:

Follow these guidelines for high-quality photos:

  1. Photos should be professionally taken (if possible) and updated often.

  2. 8 or more photos should be included in each listing.

  3. Your first photo should clearly set a buyer’s expectation.

  4. Keep it relevant: focus on what will come in the box. Don’t include images or items that are not part of the subscription (with the exception of Lifestyle photos).

  5. Photos should be brightly lit or crisp. Consider lots of white space or a brightly lit shot.

  6. Lifestyle photos are a must. This is the best way to convey value and excitement about your products to subscribers.

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