Cratejoy’s Box Showcase feature lets you display past and current boxes. Use this feature to set expectations for potential new customers by showing past boxes sent and what the next shipment contains. This section should show enough to pique interest and forecast the delight of receiving the box. 

To display a past or current box: go to your Product Listings page and click on an existing listing or Create New Listing

On the Box Showcase tab you will be able to: 

  • Add the box name 

  • Write the description

  • Upload a photo 

  • Select whether this is a Current Box or Past Box

  • Add the last day this box can be ordered (for Current Boxes only)

You can have both the Current and Past Box Showcases on your listing at the same time! This will help you maximize your reach and sales. 

The Current Box Showcase will be displayed just below the video section of your listing. Use this sneak peek to demonstrate the value of your subscription to potential subscribers. Be sure to add the last date to order the current box as this will help create urgency for customers. 

You can display up to 12 Past Boxes to showcase the overall theme of your box. The Past Box Showcase will display just below the review section of your listing. Use the Past Box Showcase to help your customers subscribe with confidence.


Your Past Box Showcase should tell an ongoing story with the Current Box Showcase as the promising next chapter. 

To learn more: read through our Box Showcase walkthrough. 

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