Getting a Refund for your Marketplace Order
1. Review your order details to see if that order was placed within the last 24 hours.
2. If that order or renewal was placed within the last 24 hours, proceed with the next steps below
3. Visit
4. Click Buyer & Recipient Help
5. In the pop-up window, tell us what you need help with and our team will be happy to assist.
6. If your order or renewal was placed outside of the last 24 hours, contact the seller to request a refund.
Please note: Cratejoy can only assist the original purchaser (not a gift recipient) with a refund request due to account security. Cratejoy is bound by our Terms of Service in regards to what actions we can take.  

Refunds vs. Chargebacks
We recommend always contacting the seller and if needed, Cratejoy support to try to resolve any concerns rather than initiating a chargeback as a first step. 
If you decide to initiate a Chargeback with your credit card or financial institution, you must continue to work directly with that financial institution for a resolution. Additionally, if there is an ongoing support ticket with our team about this same transaction, and a chargeback is noted, our team will close that support ticket as we cannot take any action to interfere with the chargeback process. Cratejoy encourages customers to use our refund processes described above to increase the quality of the support they get and reduce the turnaround time for recouping funds. Customers who do not use those options, and instead use chargebacks, are limited to 2 chargebacks before their account will be banned from future purchases on Cratejoy.

Updated by Dre 10/9/23