This is a Marketplace-Only change and will only impact subscriptions purchased through the Cratejoy Marketplace.

Customers who make a purchase through the Cratejoy Marketplace now have the option to skip a shipment. 

Why would a customer request to skip a shipment? 

  • customer may be out of town when the next shipment is scheduled to ship

  • customer may not be able to afford the next shipment, but don't want to cancel

Sellers (you!) will need to:

  1. Approve or deny the skipped shipment

  2. Manually skip the customer’s shipment by changing the renewal date (if you are able to accommodate the request - highly recommended as this will help retain your customers)

  3. Inform the customer of the outcome of their request. Provide a reason if you are not able to accommodate the request. 

Your business can choose not to skip a shipment if: 
1. The box is in the fulfillment or shipping process already and cannot be skipped.

2. The subscription experience will be low quality if certain boxes are skipped. (Example: a spy game box that contains specific clues each month.) 

Allowing customers to skip a shipment will increase your customer lifetime value by reducing cancellations. If your business will not allow skipped shipments or intends to restrict the reasons a customer can skip a shipment, please detail this on your listing and in your store Order Notification Note

Skipping a shipment from a prepaid subscription:

Example: Customer purchases a 3-month subscription in January, but decides they don’t want the January Box. Customer requests to skip January shipment. Seller skips shipment (by changing renewal date to February) and responds to customer email to confirm. Customer will receive boxes in February, March, and April. 

Skipping a shipment from a month-to-month:

Example: Customer purchases a month-to-month subscription in January. Customer requests to skip the February box. Seller skips shipment (by changing renewal date to March) and responds to the customer’s email to confirm. The customer will resume receiving boxes in March and will not be charged for February since the renewal date was updated. 

Where to find Skip Shipment requests: 

Customers will request to skip a shipment via email. 

These emails can be found in the Seller Inbox on the Cratejoy Dashboard and will also be sent to the designated Cratejoy Marketplace support email address.

(Haven’t designated an email address to receive Cratejoy Marketplace support requests? Then we’ll send these skip shipment requests to the admin email associated with your Cratejoy account.) 

Check your emails and Seller Inbox regularly!

How to Skip Shipments: 

On the Subscriptions tab (located on the left side menu): click into the subscription you will be modifying. 
Click the Actions button (located on the right side of the screen) and select “Change Renewal Date” from the dropdown menu. 

Change the subscription renewal date. (Moving the renewal date forward by a month will skip 1 shipment if the subscription renews monthly.) 

Update the shipment to the next batch if applicable. 

Review the changes and click “Confirm Changes” if everything is accurate. 

An automatic message from Cratejoy informing the customer of their new renewal date will be sent to them. 

Your business should inform the customer, via the Seller Inbox or the email where you received the request, that their request has been approved and the shipment has been skipped. 

Updated by Mariah 03/09/22