When a buyer places a new or renewal order on the Cratejoy marketplace, we will add a small fee to the total order. This transaction fee is paid for by buyers. Cratejoy adds the nominal transaction fee on top of the order total then it is deducted from the order payment transfer.

Cratejoy will adjust the amount we collect for the handling fee so that there is no added cost of transaction fee from the payment processor. This way the Cratejoy transaction fee is 100% cost-free to the merchant. If the buyer purchases from multiple stores in one order then the fee will be split evenly between the stores. For this reason, you might see a different amount deducted for some orders.

Please note that all Cratejoy fee refunds will be handled automatically during a transaction refund. Read more about our fees on Cratejoy here.

How much is the fee?

The Cratejoy handling fee (customer paid) is a flat percentage of the total order value of the customer's purchases and renewals. Basing the fee on the order value ensures the fee is always a fair amount compared to what the customer is paying for your goods. While the specific fee amount is subject to change in most scenarios this fee will be a flat 7%.

Can I turn off the handling fee?

It is not possible to turn this fee off for marketplace orders. 

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