If you’re a seller on Cratejoy Payments, this article will walk you through what to expect when a subscriber files a chargeback. 

If you’re not on Cratejoy Payments, check out Chargebacks and Your Store.

In This Article:

What is a chargeback?
What are some reasons a buyer would initiate a chargeback?
What is the chargeback process like with Cratejoy Payments?

What is a chargeback? 

A chargeback is a reversal of payment that occurs when a customer contacts their bank or credit card company directly to dispute a transaction. Following the dispute, the credit card company informs Cratejoy of the chargeback and may request additional information such as proof of delivery, proof of refund, or other details. Cratejoy is required to respond with this requested information within a brief timeframe. 

What are some reasons a buyer would initiate a chargeback? 

Buyers can initiate chargebacks with their financial institution in any of the following Stripe dispute categories:

  • Credit not processed

  • Duplicate

  • Fraudulent

  • General

  • Product not received

  • Product unacceptable

  • Subscription canceled

  • Unrecognized

What is the chargeback process like with Cratejoy Payments? 

As soon as a chargeback is filed, Cratejoy will hold both the $15 dispute fee and the amount of the order being disputed.

If Cratejoy support needs more information in order to resolve the dispute, then we will reach out to the seller to collect that information. 

If Cratejoy wins the dispute, those funds will be given back to the seller. If the dispute isn’t won, the amount of the order will be refunded, and the $15 dispute fee will be kept.

To monitor the status of your disputes, you may visit https://my.cratejoy.com/payments/?tab=disputes