Cratejoy Marketplace offers gift cards for all Marketplace buyers to purchase and redeem during their shopping experience on the Marketplace.


  • What are Cratejoy Gift Cards?

    • Gift Cards allow customers to purchase credit that can be used on any subscription box or one time product on Cratejoy

  • How do I enable Gift Cards for my store?

    • Gift Cards are automatically enabled on all stores selling on the Cratejoy Marketplace

  • How will I be paid for Gift Card sales?

    • Sellers will be paid out appropriately as per Cratejoy's standard payment process


  • Can Gift Cards be used on renewals?

    • No, Gift Cards can’t be used on renewals.

  • What if the cart contains a renewing subscription?

    • Another payment method is required even if the balance is $0 at checkout.

  • Can a buyer buy a gift card for my store only?

    • No all Gift Cards are marketplace-wide


  • What fraud prevention measures are in place?

    • Various measures are in place to prevent fraudulent activities, such as ensuring Gift Cards can't purchase other Gift Cards.

Compliance and Legal

  • Do Gift Cards expire?

    • The expiration policy is in compliance with legal requirements and varies by jurisdiction.

  • What is the refund policy for Gift Cards?

    • Refunds for Gift Cards will be processed back to the original Gift Card.


Is there a way to track Gift Card sales?

  • No. Gift Cards are a Crateoy Marketplace feature for buyers and are spent like cash for products sold by your store.


  • Will sellers be notified when a Gift Card is redeemed on one of my products?

    • No. Sellers will be notified by new sales in the same way they are currently notified. 

Inventory Management

  • Do I need to manage an 'inventory' of Gift Cards?

    • No, Gift Cards are digital and do not require inventory management.

Multi-Channel Sales

  • Can these Gift Cards be used across different sales channels?

    • Gift Cards are primarily for use on the Cratejoy platform unless stated otherwise.

Customer Data

  • Will I have access to data on who is buying and redeeming the Gift Cards?

    • No, sellers do not have access to this data through the seller portal.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • What is the refund policy for Gift Cards used by buyers?

    • All refunds for Gift Cards will be treated as cash and handled by Cratejoy's support team. Funds are processed back to the original Gift Card.